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Consulting & Education

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Since 1982, Resolve Counselling Services Canada has helped many organisations function more smoothly and operate more productively. This has been achieved through building long term, trusting relationships with employers and customizing consulting services to meet the organisation’s unique needs and objectives.

Working During COVID-19: Supporting Employee Work/ Life Balance

Employees are the most valuable resource in any organization. Resolve Consulting & Education Services believes that a company performs at its best when its workforce is healthy, efficient, and actively engaged. This means it is critically important for employers to keep their workforce healthy and emotionally secure.

We understand that especially in today’s busy workforce, building a culture of health requires a comprehensive approach.

That’s why our targeted consulting and education services are designed to engage members from start to finish, and drive valuable outcomes for organizations just like yours.

Our Range of Professional Consultation Services

Workplace Solutions

Expert help with employee personal issues and work/life balance. 
No matter where you are we won’t let your employees fall through the cracks. Trust our team of experts to help them with their personal problems and work/life challenges. A workplace plan can be a foundation for solving most workplace issues.

Once you know how to develop a basic workplace plan, you can use it to address various issues such as:
• Return to Work
• Accommodation
• Resolving Conflict
• Workplace Harassment Investigations
• Workplace mediation
• Supportive Performance Management
• Response strategies for specific concerns are also provided in Addiction, Grief, Suicide and Mental Health First Aid.

Employee Wellness

Where Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) of the past may have focused on treatment, today’s customized wellness solutions encompass more preventative and healthy lifestyle components such as:

  • Awareness campaigns around healthy lifestyle topics
  • Group learning
  • Individual counseling
  • Support for everything from nutrition and quitting smoking to weight loss and stress management


Unhealthy behaviors and conditions such as obesity, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, smoking, self medicating and stress are health inhibitors. They are key cost drivers of poor worker physical and emotional health. These determinants of health can impact worker performance.

The good news is that many of these conditions are modifiable or preventable. But they are only preventable if employees decide to make a behavior change and if employees get the help they need to make those changes.

There is no greater benefit that you can give to your employees and their families than the benefit of wellness. Many of our consulting and education programs directly address these challenges employees face.

Wellness is good for you and good for your business:

• Wellness programs have demonstrated average reductions in worker health costs by 18% and up to 28% for older workers
• Research points to an average of $3 for every $1 invested in improving workers’ health
• Almost 66% of the increase in health care spending is driven by unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, such as poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and stress
• Productivity losses related to personal and family health problems cost are significant drain on employers

Education & Training

The Resolve Counselling Services Canada agency has built an extensive, well-developed network of professional facilitators, coaches, and mediators; our experts will help you achieve your learning and development goals including improved workforce retention, loyalty, and productivity.

Learning fosters resiliency; employees are better equipped to manage risk, handle change, grow their careers, and enhance the bottom-line results of the organization. Finding a learning solution, that meets your needs, has never been easier.

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