Caring Dads

***Resolve Counselling Services is actively seeking funding for our Caring Dad’s program, however we are not currently running any sessions. Please return to our website for updates on this program***

Caring Dads is a 17-session group program focused on helping families by supporting fathers. The fathers we support are individuals who are at risk of being, or have been, abusive or neglectful towards their children or children’s mother. Our view is that fathers love their children and yet some fathers struggle with showing this love. That’s why one of the primary aims of the program is to help fathers understand how important they are and how they can impact their children in healthy or unhealthy ways.

The program covers many different topics about fathering while linking them back to the three fundamental relationships a father has:

(1) his relationship with his children,
(2) his relationship with his children’s mother (whether or not they are in a romantic relationship or are co-parenting), and
(3) his relationship with himself

Topics covered in this program include:

  • What it means to be a father
  • How your upbringing impacts you
  • Developing personal fathering goals
  • Child-centered fathering
  • Understanding your children
  • Developmental stages of children
  • Listening, praising, and playing with children
  • Setting a good example
  • The importance of respecting your children’s mother
  • Problem Solving using CBT
  • Recognizing and changing unhealthy, abusive, and neglectful behaviours
  • Responding to children’s needs
  • Taking accountability for past unhealthy fathering
  • Healthy discipline vs. unhealthy punishment
  • Healthy discipline vs. unhealthy punishment

We believe that fathers are remarkably important to their children. Supporting fathers in effective ways not only reduces domestic violence but also improves quality of life for their children, their children’s mothers, and for the fathers themselves.

Resolve Counselling Services Canada has offered the Caring Dads program since 2014.

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