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Every dollar donated to Resolve Counselling Services Canada via in June of 2019 counts as a ballot to enter a draw for $10,000.

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$10,000 would pay for 111 counselling sessions for people like these, and stay in our community.

Meet Amanda. She is a 21 year old college student referred to Resolve Counselling Services Canada by her family doctor.

She is crying all the time, turning down invitations to socialize with friends, and having a hard time sleeping.

Although she is excited about finishing school in a few months, her anxiety is at a high level, especially when she thinks about the weeks ahead.

Not only is she afraid that she will not get a job, what if she doesn’t like it? She is also afraid of moving out of her parent’s place and living on her own, afraid she will loose track of her friends… 

With counselling, Amanda was able to normalize the anxiety she is feeling, and spent several sessions learning tools and strategies on coping with anxiety.

Amanda now understands that it is normal to experience anxiety when dealing with such huge changes in life, and now knows how to take care of herself when she feels overwhelmed.

Amanda was able to see how her expectations of herself were increasing her anxiety, and she is learning to be kinder to herself.

Amanda is now talking and reaching out to friends more, doing some art journaling, and has a new resource with her counsellor.

Next time, Amanda will not wait until things get so bad to reach out for help….

Please donate today – we really appreciate your help!

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