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AFB advocates for better policies that promote accessibility, equality, and opportunity for people who are blind or visually impaired. Join us in creating a culture of inclusion at work, at school, and in our communities.

Our Services

Counselling & Community Services

Counselling & Community Services offers a number of individual programs and services that are designed to support individuals, couples, and families overcome challenges that affect their emotional and social well-being.

Consulting & Education Services

Consulting & Education Services provides employers with Workplace Solutions, Employee Wellness, and Education & Training consulting programs designed to support health and wellness in the workplace—enabling organizations to function more smoothly and operate more productively.

Credit & Financial Counselling Services

Credit & Financial Counselling Services is a well-respected and reliable source for qualified and confidential advice on managing money and overcoming debt. Services include Debt Relief (Debt Management Program—DMP), Financial Coaching, Financial Literacy, and Consumer Education.

Employee Counselling Services

Family Services EAP (FSEAP) Kingston offers a full range of solutions to meet employee, member and organizational needs. Our four time award winning approach enables organizations, employees and members to function at their best.
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Resolve Credit & Financial Counselling Services

Resolve Counselling Services Canada

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