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“People start to heal the moment they feel heard.”

-Cheryl Richardson

Why Donate to Resolve Counselling Services Canada

Each year Resolve Counselling Services Canada provides quality counselling services to more than 7,000 individuals in communities across South Eastern Ontario. We believe that the ability to afford quality counselling services should not be a barrier to individuals and families who seek to improve their overall quality of life. Sadly, however, most of our counselling programs experience lengthy client wait times or risk being cancelled due to funding shortages. Our funding sources include the United Way, community foundations and grants, government support, a small proportion from client fees, and private donations like yours. Please help keep our counselling programs available and accessible in the communities we serve—your donation is deeply appreciated.

A donation of $1 per day helps provide:

  • a family that has communication issues a way to learn ‘how to listen’ and appreciate the differences of each family member
  • a couple the opportunity to work on a relationship that has evolved into something unfamiliar
  • a teenager a safe place to discuss peer pressure, bullying at school, relationships, and their feelings
  • a single parent a chance to learn how to cope with everyday challenges
  • assistance with budgeting and financial literacy for individuals and families struggling to make ends meet each month
  • a positive summer experience for a child experiencing social, emotional, and/or behavioural difficulties
  • group activities and discussions to help children improve self-esteem, build confidence, and develop problem solving and leadership skills.

or call (613) 549-7850

Resolve Counselling Services Canada will issue a Charitable Tax Receipt within 5 business days for donations received that are greater than $10.00.

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At Resolve Counselling Services, we understand what it’s like to face life adversities without the appropriate support. That’s why we’re offering a variety of counselling services. So you can overcome challenges and improve your social, emotional, and economic well-being.