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About FSEAP Kingston

FSEAP Kingston is a provider of Employee Assistance Programs, Employee and Family Assistance Programs, Member Assistance Programs and Member and Family Assistance Programs. Our Assistance Programs provide organizations with highly effective results.


“I have returned to FSEAP on two separate occasions. I can not adequately express my appreciation for the help and support. I once again find myself leaving here a stronger and more productive person. I would not be able to do these sessions without your help. Thank you!”

FSEAP Kingston not only offers personal and immediate support to individual employees and their families with mental health or workplace problems, but also provides consultation to management and leadership on a wide range of workplace issues impacting employee, organizational, and management health and performance.

The range of FSEAP Kingston services includes:

  • Consultation to management on behavioral aspects of the workplace
  • Behavioral risk management
  • Educational information on emotional, work-life balance, and workplace issues
  • Assessment and support
  • Short term counselling
  • External referrals
  • Follow-up for employee and/or family member issues
  • Support for preventive health and wellness presentations
  • Awareness training and critical incident interventions
  • Website and online assessments and information resources

Download our Employee Assistance Program Philosophy & Objectives

Benefits of an EAP From FSEAP

Critical Incident Response Services

FSEAP has been at the leading edge of incident response in Canada for decades and has developed deep resources in this field. FSEAP has a strategic alliance with the renowned U.S. critical incident response leaders, Crisis Care Network. We offer critical incident response using the principles of psychological first-aid. Rooted in best practices we support individuals, teams and organizations during crises and traumatic events.

From the first point of contact, we support the recovery of your organization, employees, union members and dependents 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

Building Mental Fitness and Resiliency in Your Workplace

FSEAP’s workplace wellness division provides mental fitness and resiliency solutions and training at the organizational, manager and employee levels. Our Integrated Workplace Platform™ solutions include holistic workplace assessments, strategic planning and programming for mental and emotional well-being that are proven and evidence based. We customize our workplace solutions to fit your specific organizational needs.

Resources for Learning

Learning is key to promoting proactive and preventative healthy mindsets. FSEAP has extensive face-to-face training, hard copy and online resources that support the ongoing well-being of your employees and your organization. Our extensive Wellness Resources include highly rated face-to-face interventions, short workshops, Solutions Newsletters, smart device apps, online libraries, articles, newsletters, e-books, learning modules and links to web resources for employees’ self-study online.

FSEAP offers organizational, executive and management coaching; health and wellness strategic consulting for companies, groups or individuals, policy development assistance and in-depth training to facilitate organizational development. FSEAP solutions can drive organizational effectiveness.

Program Management

FSEAP is committed to meeting the needs of the customers and clients we serve. FSEAP personnel are made up of a highly qualified and experienced team of EFAP account and program managers, workplace consultants, staff counsellors, critical incident response specialists, trainers, and administrative professionals.

Consistent, effective, and responsive program management is a critical factor in a successful EAP. FSEAP ensures the successful implementation and operation of an EAP by assigning a specific individual as a primary point of contact and “go-to” person for all EAP related matters. This program/account manager will serve as the primary point-of-contact from FSEAP, and will help design, implement, promote, manage, respond to service issues/questions, and evaluate the EAP.

Our program management services include the following:

Needs Assessment: Conducting an assessment of an organization’s EAP related needs in collaboration with the organization. This assessment is designed to assist an organization in creating a program responsive to the unique needs of their environment, and culture.

Communication and Awareness Campaigns: Developing an EAP awareness campaign in collaboration with the organization to promote the EAP and employee health and wellness information among its employees, eligible family members, and management. EAP brochures, posters, wallet cards, fridge magnets, e-bulletins and other materials are provided to assist with promoting workplace wellness and increasing awareness of the EAP.

Reporting: Provision of detailed reports on program utilization and quality assurance that can be used to determine specific environmental issues affecting employees and their families and overall program management. The frequency and level of information reported is determined with each organization taking into consideration employee population size, confidentiality and their specific needs.

Strategy Meetings: Attending meetings with the organization to review utilization trends and findings, organizational concerns or needs that may affect the EAP service, as well as to define the EAP strategy and annual work plan.

Employer Challenges

Each year 20% of your work force suffers from personal problems that inhibit productivity – theirs, yours, and all too often, that of their co-workers.  It might be a child in trouble, an aging parent needing care, an unpaid debt, or a substance abuse problem. Whatever the source, the result is predictable:  unplanned absences, work distractions and diminished productivity.

Stresses in daily life and work issues, as well as family and health struggles, can deplete an employee’s effectiveness. The ability to function and perform at a high level consistently is greatly aided by an Employee Assistance Program.

We can help.

Our program is successful because the results are beneficial for both the employee and your company. EAP focuses on the mental and emotional well-being of employees, providing proven ways to adopt healthy behaviors including:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased staff morale

“Our pledge here both to existing customers and potential ones is that we will continue to offer a service of the highest possible quality, meeting both the commercial needs of the company and the personal needs of your staff.”

-Sarah Earl, EAP Representative

List of Locations

Kingston (Main Office)

417 Bagot Street. Kingston, ON K7K 3C1

Tel: (613) 549-7850

Ottawa Office (Financial Counselling & Literacy)

312 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4X5

Tel: 1-800-379-5556

(Located inside Family Services Ottawa building)

Napanee Office

113 Richmond Blvd—Unit #16, Napanee, ON K7R 3Z8

Tel: (613) 549-7850

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