Financial Literacy Newsletter – Fraud Prevention

Source: Financial Literacy Newsletter – March 2019 –

Fraud Prevention

Don’t buy into online shopping fraud

The online world may offer tremendous convenience to consumers, but it’s also an anonymous space for fraudsters, who swindled more than… read more




Fraud Prevention

It pays to check: help stop counterfeit notes

Cash is a quick and easy method of payment. But each time you accept a bank note (bill) without checking it, you risk becoming a victim of counterfeiting… read more




Protect yourself from investment fraud

Investment fraud is easier to recognize when you know what it looks like. To protect your money and achieve your financial goals, it’s important to stay ahead… read more



What is real estate fraud?

With advances in technology, consumers need to stay vigilant. Criminals are getting craftier and more skilled in identity and data theft. Once they have… read more




How fraudsters target older Canadians and what to watch for

According to CARP, Canada’s largest non-partisan, non-profit advocacy association for older adults, 35% of its more than 300,000 members report that… read more

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