Using Visualization to Reduce Spending

Visualization exercises have been used for centuries to help people achieve their goals. The world is full of distractions and sensory overload that can throw you off course. Visualization helps you become aware of outside distractions and allows you to work out a plan of action from the comforts of your own space. Visualization to reduce spending will allow you to enter the places where you tend to overspend so you can become aware of what your overspending triggers are and work out a plan to overcome these triggers.

How to use visualization to stop overspending
Before going to a place where you tend to overspend take a few minutes to yourself to visualize yourself entering the space. Make yourself aware of all your senses. What does the place smell like? How does it look? Who are you with? How does it sound? Will you be eating or drinking? Tap into all your senses and get started.

  1. Find a comfortable quiet place to sit and have something ready to write notes on
  2. Imagine yourself entering the space
  3. Imagine yourself walking around the space or browsing the site just as you would in real life
  4. Take notice of any triggers that might make you put something in your cart. Is there a sale, does something look new, is there a bright eye-catching display, are your companions buying things?
  5. As you take notice pause to write down the items you are adding to your cart and write the estimated cost of this item.
  6. Complete the steps above until you have left the site or the space
  7. Once completed read over your list and add up all your purchases
  8. Does the cost fit into your budget? If not, scratch off the list all the items you can put back
  9. Recalculate your list to see if it fits within your budget

Based on your discoveries, you might realize that if you went into those spaces or sites without a plan you will overspend your budget.
If you are looking for help with overspending and want more tools and strategies click here to make an appointment with our Financial Coach

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